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Study in Canada

Canada is one of the biggest country by its area (second by rank). Canada is situated on the North side of United States of America (North America). The education system of Canada is one of the best educational system worldwide, that’s why a lot of people from many other countries wishes to study in Australian and Canadian Universities, Colleges or Schools. The literacy rate in Canada is approximately 100% because everyone in Canada love to get education till university level, which the main cause of the high literacy rate of the Canada.

Who is eligible to study in Canada?

There are some requirements by the Government of Canada or Schools, Colleges and Universities to admit the eligible candidate in Canada. For this you have to fulfil following requirements:

  1. You should be accepted by any School, College or University for study in Canada.
  2. You have to give some solid proof to ensure your institute that you have enough money to fulfil all educational expense in Canada like:
    • Full tuition fees for your Institute in Canada.
    • Full living expenses in Canada to live in Canada.
    • Return Transportation expense to depart from Canada.
  3. You have to follow all rules and regulations of Government of Canada and Complete your study with no criminal record.
  4. You should be Physically fit and Healthy and passed full medical examination.

Apply for Study in Canada!

If you think that you can fulfil all requirements to study in Canada then you May apply for top universities of Canada wich is given below according to New ranking 2014:

Rank University Name Score
1 Mc Gill University 89.3
2 University of Toronto 84.3
3 University of British Columbia 77.4
4 University of Alberta 69.4
5 Queen’s University 58.2
6 Universite de Montreal 56.9
7 University of Waterloo 54.8
8 McMaster University 51.9
9 University of Western Ontario 51.8
10 University of Calgary 51.8

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