Crescent High School and College, Lahore

Staff Required

School education is the basic need of every child. Crescent Model High School is an English Medium School. It provides the standard education to over the 4700 students from playgroup to X, O and A level. School has boys and girls branch separately. School has clean environment and lit has well-equipped library and well-furnished class rooms. For a comfortable life, we must be educated. Education plays vital role in personal growth. It teaches us which thing is good or bad for us. Education makes us good citizen. Education develops awareness and creates good habits. Illiterate people can’t read and write his name. Education teaches us how to talk with others, how to meet with other, how to treat others. Education plays important role in the field of Medical, engineering. With the help of education we can find solution to end the terrorism and corruption. School and colleges are working for learning the skills and enhance the knowledge. Staff is required for teaching the students in well-mannered way.

Lahore jobs

Post and Eligibility:

Head of Pre-School: Head of Pre-school will be required to set up the school in September 2015. Person should be active in all activities and capable of skills for hiring faculty. Candidate must have


Crescent Model Higher Secondary School and College.
352 Shadman Colony Lahore.
Ph: 042-37420063
Website: crescentschool.edu.pk

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